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Bali Sunfish

right people The Right People Mola Mola Bali

Bali Sunfish Safaris operates from Padang Bai Beach Resort, set on the sandy beach of a picturesque village right in the heart of Mola Mola country. Our European and Indonesian dive guides each have more than 3,000 dives on Mola Mola sites. It’s a combination that allows you to enjoy one of diving’s great experiences, and one of the world’s loveliest islands. Mola Mola Bali

Bali Sunfish Safaris can offer Bali Scuba Diving, Bali Diving is located in Central Sanur Bali, Just 30 mins from the Bali International Airport and the main centres of Kuta Bali, Legian Beach and Nusa Dua

Bali Sunfish | MamBo Bali Safaris | Bali Sunfish Safaris - Mambo Safaris Bali

Experiance The Experience Mola Mola Bali

Out in the Deep Blue you see a shadow. Then another. They’re huge; surely too big for any living fish? The shadows become more defined - a massive, almost circular body, immense fins above and below twisting subtly like sails. And now you’re within a few metres of the astonishing Mola Mola, the largest bony fish in the sea. It’s unforgettable.

Bali Sunfish | MamBo Bali Safaris | Bali Sunfish Safaris - Bali Sunfish Diving

right time and place The Right Time & Place Mola Mola Bali

The sloping coral reefs of Bali offer the world’s best chance of seeing Mola Mola, but it takes local knowledge and years of experience to increase that chance to near certainty. The best time of year is from July to October, the best dive sites on Bali’s east coast. But there’s a lot more to it than that; you need intimate knowledge of tides, currents, water temperature and of the giant fish themselves. Mola Mola Bali Safari Dates

right time and place Bali Dive Sites Mola Mola Bali

As the Bali Dive Sites we visit are located from just a few minutes to an hour north-east and north-west, we travel through some very pretty Balinese countryside, your journey will take you through some of Bali's most scenic countryside

Safety Note:

*All Bali Sunfish Safaris dives are guided by certified and insured Divemaster / Instructors with over 3000 dives in and around Bali Sunfish Dive Sites

**Be aware of "BaliSunfish" Companies that use their Dive Internships as Dive Guides, Most of these dive guides have less than 150 dives total and are not aware of the diving & sea conditions at many of Bali Sunfish Dive Sites

Bali Sunfish | MamBo Bali Safaris | Bali Sunfish Safaris - Mambo Safaris Bali

Bali Sunfish | MamBo Bali Safaris | Bali Sunfish Safaris - Mambo Safaris Bali

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Bali Sunfish mola mola bali Diving Bali

Jl. Batas Dukuh Sari Gg.Curik No.11
Pedungan Bali 80228 - Bali Diving – Indonesia
Phone  :+62 361 282664  +62 361 8474102

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